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Reviews of 'Love The Foods That Set You Free'

"Big, big, big, congrats ladies! We love your book, it's such a great read with inspiring info!"
- Kim Cornell

"I was in my element reading your book – LOVED IT! It covers many of the topics that I am interested in and much more. It is an extremely comprehensive guide for people to follow in their quest to improve their health. After reading, I am sure people will use it as a reference book and pick it up from time to time to refresh what they have learnt and to remind them of additional changes that they can make. You have done an enormous amount of research and Jessica and yourself especially, have put your heart and soul into it. As I have said before – you have generously shared the knowledge that you acquired in improving your own health. I appreciate what I have learnt from you."
- Maree Archbold

"Thankyou for writing this book. Over the last 2 years I had begun to educate myself on gut health. I have the I Quit Sugar books; Gut; vegan and vegetarian cookbooks; Michael Moseley’s 5:2 diet. I’ve watched quite a few of the docos you mention on sugar. So I was aware of a lot of factual information but it overwhelmed me, mainly because I ‘saw’ them all as separate approaches to good health. What you have done with this book is to succinctly present the information as a whole and united approach to good health. Well done to both you and Jess for making it such an easy read. Thankyou for all the hardwork, research, and time you both put into the book. You are both inspiring and motivating. None of what you presented made me feel daunted with an overload of information. I liked the way important information was regularly reiterated throughout the chapters. This is the book that will lead me to make more sense out of and to use the other books I already own in a complimentary way."
- Debbie Jordan

"Valuable information, beautifully written and easily assimilated. A must for anyone who values their health."
- Lyn Barker

"The information in this book can change your life. I believe it's changed mine."
- Dr Kim Paleg

"At last I have good health after many years of illness. Sarah’s inspirational work has opened my eyes to the importance of good gut health in opening the door to feeling well once again."
- MaryAnn Williams

"I'm so pleased to be back on the high energy, bi-bi tiredness trail ! just needed this Glass & Fowler kick-start. Essential reading for all Yes! Do it!"
- Jack Dunwell

"I find Sarah and Jessica's book very informative. I have problems with heart, diabetes, arthritis and diverticulitis and I take too many tablets which make it difficult to lose weight. I am used to reading food labels and avoid high sugar readings and additives, so I have a start. Also, I’m aware that sugar is a bigger problem for me to eliminate than fats which will be a problem as I love cheese, but .... one thing at a time. Sarah’s journey has convinced me to stop the sugars and I hope I don’t get withdrawal headaches, etc."
- Lee Davies

Testimonials from 'Love The Foods That Set You Free'

Here are some snippets from testimonials that appear at the end of the book, the writers are anonymous, as this is their private health information, but be assured they are real people!

Mary: Lately I have been feeling so well and I believe that it has been because my biome has improved markedly from your eating plan. As you know when I first started your eating plan I had been very ill for at least the previous 7 years, often spending time in the hospital with severe infections, including septicaemia and pneumonia. I suffered from severe indigestion, bowel problems, urine infections, lung infections and an upset stomach. I was on all sorts of medication and as I finished one antibiotic, I would be put on another antibiotic, often within a week. I was drinking or eating antacids to stop upset stomachs and could not tolerate onions, garlic or pulses. I started your suggested eating plan more than 7 months ago and no longer have infections or need to take antibiotics. My gut is healing and now I can eat garlic, onions and pulses and I feel like a new person. I use your menu suggestions for cooking delicious meals and no longer use sugar in my diet. Thank you for your assistance in helping me to take control of my health and to feel so well again.

Alice: I now sleep through the night and don’t wake up exhausted, and no longer really want to sleep at around 2 pm. This change happened immediately. I was blown away that my sleeplessness was caused by sugar! I would often say to myself, at any time of day, ‘I’m so tired’ – even when I had just woken up – but those feelings have gone completely. I am no longer constantly hungry. Although I do want a morning and afternoon snack, this can be satiated by an apple, a cup of almond milk or a handful of nuts – instead of 2 slices of cake or an entire bag of chips. I am also not as hungry during dinnertime and am often fine with a light vegetarian meal. I crave more fruit and veg now and healthier food in general. I couldn’t eat an apricot fruit cup (no added sugar) because it was too sweet. Note: the only change I made to my diet was to stop drinking juice and replace it with fruit. I am really surprised at what significant changes this has led to.

Deb and Bill
Bill: With light exercise and not eating too much (except sugar) I was gaining weight. After your presentation I got the motivation to change diet, and by simply removing sugar, even from savoury dishes, lost 5 kilograms in 5 months doing the same exercise and eating the same amount of food as before. Not dieting at all. Lipid levels also changed for the better, balancing in a healthier ratio.
Deb: Just by removing sugar and dairy products and implementing more fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet, I’ve lost 4 kilograms in 5 months and got rid of my bloated tummy. Also, I’ve significantly improved my sleep.

Jenny: The main thing I have done is cutting out sugar as much as I can, which has resulted in the arthritis in my thumb being less painful. I have also changed my diet to mainly fruit and vegetables, which I feel has given me more energy.

Kath: For the past 20 odd years my health was definitely not at its optimum. I suffered from irritable bowel conditions and was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My specialist told me that I would have to remain on prescribed medication for life to manage the condition. Even at that time I intuitively believed that diet can help me manage the symptoms without prescribed medication. I had been on medication for about 8 years before I was successful in stopping the prescribed medication while still being able to manage the symptoms. It was only possible if I avoided certain foods. However, since hearing of Sarah’s findings and eating plans, I have tried the diet, and now I am mostly symptom-free and my general health feels much better too!

Babs: Sarah introduced me to her plan for living her best life a year or so ago and I have found the changes I have made to be very beneficial to me. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as degenerative disc disease – lumbar and cervical – for 20 years. I am mindful of the foods I eat as I am lactose and gluten intolerant. I find that I keep my foods simple – vegetables, fish, chicken and pulses is best for me. I still have a way to go but there is no doubt that I have more energy. I have found that the less sugar I have in my diet the better I feel. I have less pain and more energy on a regular basis.

Marion: Sarah, you are proof that a person can change the status of their health. To halt the progress of your MS is remarkable. To go another step further and share your scientific findings to help others, is very generous and inspiring. It is my opinion that your information is invaluable as it has the potential to improve health/quality of life and prolong lives. I have been interested in your study and recommendations because I get migraines. You have encouraged me to ‘clean up’ my diet even further. Another very interesting fact that you have alerted me to is just how damaging sugar can be to our system and that it is an inflammatory substance that our liver isn’t able to process. The most interesting fact that I have learnt from your scientific research is about ‘high temperatures damaging oil and the fact that it then becomes a part of us – a damaged part.’ I think that this is a great discovery on your part, and it makes sense to me. I now roast at a lower temperature, fry eggs and sauté onion, etc., on a very low temperature if using olive oil.

Your food, diet-change plan and recipes have all been winners. I have increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet, incorporated flaxseed oil and changed to almond milk, which has had the benefit of lowering my cholesterol reading. Thank you so much for your life-changing research and health improving suggestions.