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Love The Foods That Set You Free - Book
Are You Looking For Wellness?

• This is a story of discovery
• Learn how to transform your health
• Simple step-by-step guide
• This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle
• Everyone can have wellness

Love the Foods That Set You Free
"An Accidental Wellness Journey though Good Gut Health to Weight Loss and Freedom from Chronic Disease"

is the story of Sarah's journey from poor health, through months of medical literature research, to very good health.

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Book Synopsis

Sarah (a retired IT Project Manager and technologist) tells the story of how she found that as she aged her health was getting worse, she suffered from many of the typical ageing issues, like high cholesterol, arthritis and weight gain, but also some more obscure and worrying symptoms that the doctor couldn't initially diagnose, but that ultimately lead to a troubling diagnosis. Her GP was very supportive of her trying to find more information for herself, and so she headed off on a quest to improve her health by researching the latest medical discoveries from around the world.

The book takes you along on that journey. To begin with Sarah concentrated on her own health issues: high cholesterol, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, hay fever, weight issues, but as she learnt more, she branched out and read about many of the common health issues of today, some that her friends were living with, or that she was simply interested to avoid for herself. As she went along this road of discovery, it became clear that all these various experts in different areas were espousing a very similar way forward - one of an holistic approach to health, looking at the whole body and lifestyle and pinpointing the areas that are leading to the disease, and then modifying those factors.

In the process of this journey of discovery, Sarah has eliminated five common health issues, much improved two others and halted the progress of her MS.

"It has been a massive, fascinating and life changing journey, it has not been that hard to transform my health and feel 30 years younger, and I want everyone to know how to do this for themselves if they want to give it a try. The suggestions in the book involve no expense, they are all simple diet and lifestyle choices." says Sarah.

The first half of the book tells you Sarah's story and leads you through all her research in conversational, easy to read terms, but at the same time giving the full details of the research so it is easy to see why issues are arising and what behaviours are leading to what outcomes. You will read how Sarah's health started to improve with each new step she took. What makes this book unique is that it pulls together the research and information from so many other sources into one clear road forward for everyone, no matter your health issues. Sarah's aim here is to make it easy to see what is needed, and clear to see what steps to take based on the best new mainstream scientific research in the world. None of the steps involve expenditure, simply different choices.

The second half of the book moves to describe a way forward for anyone wanting to try to make some changes and thus improve their own health in the same way. It involves improving Gut Health, modifying diet, changing habits, and Sarah suggests taking a step at a time, doing what is reasonable and possible. Any of Sarah's recommended steps will help and lead to better health outcomes, the more the better of course.

Finally Sarah presents some tips on how to change habits, and a few recipes that obey the strictest of her rules (that not everyone will need to follow) and yet are tasty and filling.

Throughout the book Sarah mentions some friends who have taken on her suggestions in part or full and the various improvements they have seen, and in the appendix their testimonials are available.

Some of these testimonials are displayed in part on the Reviews page of this website.

In the second half of the book Sarah's daughter Jessica adds her special insight into how to make change and how to motivate yourself to make and maintain that change. How to set goals that are doable and how to make choices that are reasonable for you, but wise from the point of view of your health.

Sarah and Jessica's goal in writing this book is to make this information available to anyone. Currently it is really only available to someone who is prepared to put in hours of research. It is cutting edge, new research, that will one day be known by all, but why not improve your health right now in a way that is in your hands, is non invasive and harmless, we don't have to wait years or decades whilst the incumbent health, food and pharmaceutical industries catch up.

To finish Sarah and Jessica offer resources that they used and that you can go and take a look at yourself to see the various doctors and researchers talking about their own work. The Resources section of this website points you at these books, videos, TED talks and movies on this topic.

This book could change your life, it is not just another health book, it is the one that could make all the difference written by someone who has done it, who is not a writer, but a person who passionately wants the world to know what she has discovered and experienced.

We hope you find this all really interesting, and most importantly, we hope it changes your lives for the better as it has done for us!